About me.

I’ve worn many hats over the years, each teaching me something new. From hosting ‘The Flight Path Podcast’ to starting Bhimian Enterprises and even my time as a grocery store worker, I’ve had a chance to see different sides of the professional world. I’ve also tried my hand at acting with MCTV Talent Agency and freelanced on platforms like Fiverr..

– Host of The Flight Path Podcast
– Founder of Bhimian Enterprises
– Actor at MCTV Talent Agency
– Freelancer on Fiverr
– Marketing Manager
– Public Relations Manager
– Factory Worker
– Grocery Store Worker

– Customer Service (8+ endorsements)
– Entrepreneurship (25+ endorsements)
– Communication (11+ endorsements)
– Ecommerce (7+ endorsements)
– B2B Marketing (3+ endorsements)
– Communication (11+ endorsements)
– Community Management (3+ endorsements)

Macquarie University
Bachelor of Commerce Majoring in
Entrepreneurship and International

Macquarie Business School
Business Administration, Management
and Operations

My newsletter

I’ve created a newsletter where I try to post as regularly as possible. I’ve called it “The Ambitious Few” which goes into all the most interesting things I’m learning about at the moment as well as what they are, why they’re useful and how it all works.

“Tom’s poised communication, coupled with his composed and level-headed approach, make him a standout collaborator and leader.”

Kris Pande
Sales Development at CloudCon

“Tom and his team were extremely knowledgeable, helpful and provided amazing guidance.”

Alex Mendoza
Social Media Personality

Tom is someone who always goes out of his way to please his clients. He is a friendly , outgoing and professional person to work with and delivered outstanding results for my media business.

Nathan Smith
Director at Visionary Media

He is full of energy with high ambitions. He is a freelancer, marketing expert, music director & a fabulous singer. He is also a strategic thinker and one of the wisest businessmen I had the pleasure of working with.

Ahsan Younas
Founder of Xpert Services

Our podcast

I had the idea to give podcasting a crack, and as a result, I’ve already learned so much. This podcast is a brilliant opportunity for me to find the most interesting people and extract the most useful information possible, answering the questions you actually want asked.

Tom is switched on, driven, and ambitious. He clearly stands out in a sea of 5,500 student in the Bachelor of Commerce. His peers know him well, as he drives challenging discussions, pushes boundaries, and is passionate about self-development. Tom has a great rapport with industry professionals and soon Tom Barclay will be a household name in the spaces and spheres of influence that Tom cultivate, crafts, and creates.

Prashan Karunaratne
Course Director at Macquarie University

“Tom is an amazing entrepreneur, dedicated to delivering the best results possible. Tom is innovative, is always learning and implementing. I’d highly recommend Tom for your business needs!”

Samuel Morison
CEO of Collective Original & STP Scrolling

Tom is very proactive and efficient at networking and connecting to one another. He offers great content with his expertise in marketing and strategy. Tom also has great enterprise experience with utilisation of specific softwares to enhance is ability to work efficiently.

Randor Falconer
BDM at OnlyMyContent

I worked with Tom on a business modeling and innovation project over the course of a month, and Tom was by far one of the most driven and talented people I have ever worked with. His commitment to a quality final product drove our group forward and allowed us to succeed with his enthusiasm and talent.

Noah Levine
Student at MQU & Tulane University
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