Kourosh Arvan

Kourosh Arvan is a Melbourne-based martial artist. His journey commenced at the age of 5 with Kyokushin training, eventually leading him to Bones MMA, where he pursued his dream of becoming a fighter. Despite facing obstacles, he has competed in Jujitsu, Boxing, and Kickboxing, culminating in his MMA debut on the Gold Coast with Eternal MMA. Driven by a desire to inspire others, Kourosh aims to achieve greatness in combat sports.

Kourosh’s journey is defined by determination and dedication. From starting in Kyokushin to his decision to leave school at 15 to pursue his passion, Kourosh’s resilience shines through. He competes across disciplines and aims not only for victory but also to inspire others to chase their dreams with courage.


Kourosh Arvan is a rising talent in the world of combat sports. With a relentless work ethic and undeniable skill, he’s quickly making a name for himself in the MMA scene. Keep an eye on this young fighter as he climbs the ranks and makes his mark on the sport.

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