Jessy Armani

Jessy Armani is a 30-year-old entrepreneur and founder of CLUB14, a prominent networking organization aimed at motivating and inspiring individuals, particularly within the youth demographic, to achieve their goals and aspirations. Jessy’s journey is marked by transformative experiences that have led him to his current status. He openly discusses his past encounters with drug use and highlights the profound influence of fatherhood as a turning point in his life, prompting him to abstain from harmful habits and to lead by example for the younger generation.

His life story underscores the importance of adding value to others, emphasizing personal development, and building a supportive community. With his dedication to creating a platform for personal and professional growth, Jessy Armani’s contributions have made a positive impact in the realms of entrepreneurship and motivation.

Jessy Armani. Founder of CLUB14 and Client of Bhimian Enterprises


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About Jessy.

Jessy Armani, born in 1993, is a dynamic individual with a multifaceted background and a penchant for personal growth. Known for his candor and ability to inspire others, Jessy has experienced a diverse range of life chapters, from being a personal trainer to a high-school dropout. Apart from his personal journey,

Jessy is also actively involved in the business world, notably as the owner of “All Purpose Cleaning (APC),” a Melbourne-based cleaning service provider. His dedication to consistency and the genuine pursuit of self-betterment are central facets of his character, which continue to shape his life story and his commitment to delivering quality cleaning services to houses, apartments, townhouses, estates, and small offices throughout Melbourne.

Jessy Armani. Founder of CLUB14 and Client of Bhimian Enterprises
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