Daily Routine Tracker

Looking for a way to keep your mornings and evenings on track? Look no further. This intelligent tracker works as simply as possible. Allowing you to keep your mornings organised in a to-do list format, while automatically filtering away when the clock strikes midnight. Preparing you for a fresh start, every day. Personally, I use this template every single day to remain on track and I truly believe that everyone can benefit.

This is completely customisable too!

I’ll be creating a detailed video explaining everything shortly as well as releasing my entire Notion database eventually so… definitely stay tuned!

On top of personal databases, Bhimian will be releasing our business workspaces as well so you can replicate the processes we’ve spent months developing within your own businesses.

Happy organising,

Bhimian 🧡


Purchasing this grants you access to the ENTIRE Notion template. Simply follow the link after purchase and click ‘Duplicate’ in the top right-hand corner to add this template to your own Notion workspace.

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