How to get sh*t done with a distracted mind


I’ve put the last 2 (ish) years into figuring out productivity, I’m proud to say I’ve found a really great method for maximising efficiency through accountability and out-of-the-box methods.

Helping me protect, save and further value my time.

My number one tip… Gamify your productivity tools

Now I’m no expert, I’m not a guru, I just know what works for me!

Question. What software do you use for your to do list?

  • Asana?
  • Todoist
  • Good old pen and paper?

Personally, I use Notion, but you can implement this system into pretty much anything, including pen and paper.

But before you roll your eyes, hear me out.

My personal notion template I’ve built out to work off a gamified system.

For example, my to do list is actually called “The Flight Plan”, it’s my dumping ground for all my tasks as they come. The game I’ve made this into is imagining my to do list as an Air Traffic Control team (I know it’s corny, but it really works)

There are 8 categories in total:


This is where tasks are added by default. You create a task, it’ll appear in here. Meaning the huge list of tasks you’ve built up won’t distract you, these tasks will be hidden away.


Within this section, you should only have 15 tasks moved from your check-in into this category. So you select the tasks you’d like to finish first from the check-in and move them into the Security section.

The Lounge

Within the lounge, you’ll further filter those 15 tasks into 10 tasks. Meaning that you have a more focused list to choose from.

Taking Off

Taking off is where you even further dilute the 10 tasks into 5 tasks. Allowing you to understand what is urgent and (in my case, seriously prevents procrastination)


This is the list you work off! Only including three tasks max! When you have completed those three tasks, you select another three from the taking off pile. Easy. For me, I only have this task list visible so I don’t get distracted by the mountain of tasks in my lists. Because honestly, think about how much time you spend scrolling through your to do list, with this system, I’ve been able to seriously increase my productivity immeasurably.

I am working on a public version of my exact Gamified To-Do List. It’ll be finished within the week.

  • Simply enter your details below and i’ll make sure to send the link to download this template for free once I’ve finished the public version.

As well as the gamified productivity system, I have also shared some tips within this video on some other unique methods to become more efficient. Check it out when you can!

Now, get back to work.

— TB 🚀