Jaxon Tippet

Jaxon Tippet, a 29-year-old Fitness Coach & Model hailing from the picturesque Gold Coast, Australia, boasts a 6-year track record in the fitness industry. With a multitude of triumphant physical and mental transformations under his belt, Jaxon’s unwavering dedication shines through in his vibrant, determined, and remarkably positive personality, which is a defining aspect of his character. Jaxon’s remarkable mindset equips him to conquer any challenge he undertakes, and he is a staunch advocate of putting family first. An avid lover of outdoor activities, he revels in embracing the beauty of each day while living life to the fullest.

Jaxon’s indomitable mindset is his secret weapon. His ability to set and achieve ambitious goals is truly impressive, making him a force to be reckoned with in the fitness world. But his dedication doesn’t stop there; Jaxon’s family-first approach reflects his values and priorities.

Jaxon Tippet - Client of Bhimian Enterprises


From his experience as well as his self made come up to the point he’s at today, Jaxon has been able to share his stories, advice and life experience in an engaging and educational way on various online podcasts. We’ve compiled a playlist of his best episodes for you to check out!

About Jaxon.

His life journey includes overcoming significant personal challenges, such as battling steroid addiction and experiencing moments of depression and self-doubt. After facing these struggles, including multiple court appearances and contemplation of suicide, Tippet managed to turn his life around. He now shares his experiences and insights, emphasizing the importance of gratitude and the belief that one can always recover and improve their situation, regardless of past difficulties​​​​.

His story of personal transformation and recovery has been a key aspect of his public persona and messaging​​. Based in the Gold Coast, Australia, he is described as goal-driven and positive, with a strong mindset that helps him in achieving his objectives. His work with clients extends beyond physical training, as he also focuses on mental transformation and wellbeing​​.