Category: The Flight Path

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  • Learning to love the process.

    Are you constantly striving for success, always looking towards the next big achievement? While ambition is a good thing, it’s important to remember that the journey is just as important as the destination.


  • Staying accountable in a digital world

    The digital economy is changing the way we work. People are working remotely, freelancing, and starting their own businesses. The internet has given us more opportunities to work from home and make our own hours. But it also means that there’s no one around to hold us accountable for our work.


  • How to get sh*t done with a distracted mind

    I’ve put the last 2 (ish) years into figuring out productivity, I’m proud to say I’ve found a really great method for maximising efficiency through accountability and out-of-the-box methods. Helping me protect, save and further value my time. My number one tip… Gamify your productivity tools Now I’m no expert, I’m not a guru, I […]


  • The Five Important Reasons Why Brand is Crucial to the Success (or Failure) of Your Business

    Branding is a process that involves creating a company’s identity, as well as its name, slogan, logo and other visuals. It also involves determining how it wants to be perceived by its customers and the general public. One of the most important parts of branding is developing a company’s mission statement. A mission statement should […]