The Five Important Reasons Why Brand is Crucial to the Success (or Failure) of Your Business


Branding is a process that involves creating a company’s identity, as well as its name, slogan, logo and other visuals. It also involves determining how it wants to be perceived by its customers and the general public. One of the most important parts of branding is developing a company’s mission statement.

A mission statement should give an overview of what your business does and why it exists. It should also mention values, goals and objectives.

A strong brand can help attract new customers and keep them coming.

Brand Creates a Unique Identity

A brand is a collection of thoughts, feelings, and memories that are associated with a specific company.

It is the image that a company wants to portray to their customers. A brand can be defined by the following:

  • logo
  • name
  • slogan
  • colors
  • fonts
  • symbolism in images and videos
  • tone of voice in social media posts and commercials

We recommend thinking over the above elements to ensure that you have these written down in order to make it seamless to remember what elements to use in your promotional content in the future to build unanimous brand cohesion over all corners of online and offline channels.

Brand Makes Room for Innovation and Change

A strong brand is one that has a clear and distinctive voice, personality, and point of view. When we are able to communicate who we are and what we stand for, then it becomes possible to make room for innovation and change.

Brand is the face of your business, employees are the face of the brand!

People are the most important asset in any business. They are the ones who will be responsible for generating revenue.

They are also the ones who will make or break your brand’s reputation.

Therefore, when instilling company values into the team related to your company, ensure that it is widely known that each employee represents the brand and must maintain a fantastic blend of professionalism and other elements related to your brand specifically.

The importance of brand within your promo strategy

The goal of branding is to create an emotional connection between consumers and your product or service. It’s not just about how you look; it’s about how you make people feel when they see your logo or hear your name.

In order to effectively advertise, it is insanely essential that your warm audience (they have already seen your online advertisement once before) are able to immediately recognise your brand from the name, logo, colours or even font (although this is rather difficult to make recognisable).

Doing this will guarantee increased interest from customers depending on the UVP (unique value proposition) you offer and increase your conversion chances.

How Your Audience Will View You

The people who are reading your content and seeing your ads are the ones who will determine whether or not you succeed as a company.

You need to target them specifically with messages that they will respond to and that will resonate with them. This needs to be done in a way that will inspire customer/lead interaction. Therefore, offer your prospect clear value from the get-go. Now, this is important so listen up. We hear all too often that businesses are offering freebies, free offers, free this, free that blah blah blah…

There’s no need.

If you’re offering freebies constantly, there’s something wrong. You need to redfine your offer. If your offer is worth it’s salt, customers will happily pay for the result. It all depends on your brand!

Warm your audience up, then try again with a new offer.

Just remember…

“A product can be quickly outdated, but a successful brand is timeless” – Stephen King

Go get ’em

–TB 🚀