The Untold Secrets of Beau’s Rise in a Cutthroat Industry

Join us as Tom Barclay chats with Beau Arfi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Maple Property Group.


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Beau Arfi from Maple Property Group and Tom Barclay from Bhimian®

Beau Arfi – CEO of Maple Group

We discussed almost all topics that we could including international and national tax rates, as well as Beau’s best advice to starting and aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs.

“Do what you need to do, work hard, work long hours, but don’t sacrifice your health.”

Beau Arfi

The Importance of Education and Experience in Business

Embarking on a successful entrepreneurial journey requires a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. Beau Arfi and Tom Barclay stress the importance of obtaining a comprehensive education in your chosen field, such as digital advertising.

  • Good education is crucial
  • Practical experience by working in related companies can provide valuable insight
  • Self education and hands on experience are essential to create a well rounded entrepreneur

While self-education is valuable, they recommend working in a relevant company to gain practical insights into the industry’s inner workings. By observing how successful businesses operate, you can grasp the nuances of running your own venture.

We all had to work very hard to reach this point. It’s been a natural progression.

Beau Arfi
Image from @beauarfi on Instagram

Wearing multiple hats

Starting a business demands a diverse skill set and the willingness to handle multiple responsibilities.

Arfi and Barclay emphasize that in the early stages, entrepreneurs must be prepared to take on various roles. This includes lead generation, project execution, financial management, and more.

By being actively involved in all aspects of the business, entrepreneurs gain a holistic understanding of their operations and can make informed decisions.

Leveraging Time to Work on the Business

As the business grows, the goal is to transition from working in the business to working on the business.

Arfi and Barclay discuss the importance of leveraging time and delegating tasks.

By gradually focusing on higher-level responsibilities, entrepreneurs can scale their businesses and devote their energy to strategic planning and growth.

This evolution allows them to explore new ventures and expand their entrepreneurial endeavours.

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