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The Journey of an Education Entrepreneur – Rowan Kunz

Rowan Kunz is the founder and director of Art of Smart Education, one of Australia’s most successful education companies. However, his path to success was far from linear, involving diverse experiences that helped cultivate resilience essential for overcoming obstacles. Don’t have time to listen to Rowan Kunz‘s full episode? Read through this for all the …

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Lessons in Resilience and Success: Insights from Paz Pisarski, Founder of The Community Collective

Gain invaluable insights from Paz Pisarski, Co-Founder of The Community Collective, as she shares her hard-won wisdom on maintaining well-being while running a fast-growing startup. Discover Paz’s advice for founders and managers seeking resilience and sustainability in this interview with Tom Barclay on The Flight Path Podcast. Learn about the power of building supportive communities, developing a clear long-term strategy, seeking guidance from experienced advisors, maintaining work-life balance, and keeping passions alive. Watch the full episode on YouTube now.

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