Your Vision, Our Mission

We convert followers into paying superfans for creators of all stages

We help creators monetise their influence by building an audience (even from scratch), developing a product and creating incredible brands in the process.

Many creators dream of building their own businesses, however many forget they’re already a business themselves. We use our expertise to help you build, develop, launch and scale your business ideas.

You need a team to do this. You need a team to ensure that your product is top notch and your audience is always happy. If you don’t, you risk becoming a slave to your business rather than an influence on your audience. This is why the world’s biggest creators are able to create so many products whilst always creating the content they love, because they have a killer team. That’s us.

We focus on developing, organising, scheduling and more to bring an incredible product to your customers, while you just focus on what you love. Creating.

We save you time

Almost all of our clients have been overwhelmed by notifications from their followers, emails, calendar and more. We’ve fixed their issue. We can do the same for you through creative automations, apps and scheduled habits.

and garner attention

We know how to garner attention for our clients. Whether that be through organic strategies such as planning viral videos to paid ads, we truly are able to generate you a loyal fanbase from scratch to millions, or millions to more millions

while generating $$$

Once you have a loyal audience, you can sell a high-quality product, but if you mess it up and even one element of the product isn’t up to scratch, your reputation could be destroyed. Operate correctly and look after your customers, and you can’t fail.

In simple terms

Well, most companies focus on gaining new customers, which is all well and good, however they lose focus on maintaining the happiness and loyalty of their current customers. We believe that your current and past customers should always be the priority.
But we know how to get attention… You need eyeballs on your offer, we got it. You need cash in your wallet, we’ll get them buying. You need a product or an offer itself, we can create you one without charging you a dime.

We’re specialised in growth. We started in growing businesses… now we grow creators.

Our story began three years ago, in 2020. We began as a record label, representing a few local talents from Sydney to Great Britain, we then pivoted our focus to focus on building audiences, and most importantly, learning how to do so… advertising bars, cafe’s, restaurants, takeaway joints, individuals and more all over the internet. Then we naturally progressed into management, talent acquisition and more. However after all those experiences, our team decided to shift to an entirely new business model, one that would be more fun, lucrative and allow us to combine all of our skills….

Hence, Bhimian. We convert casual followers into paying superfans for creators and businesses all around the planet.

What does this mean? I’ll tell you.
Your Vision refers to your final dream, not what’s directly in-front of you, but what your life looks like at the end of all your hard work. This vision is what we strive to achieve for you, that’s our singular focus, hence, ‘Our Mission’.
It’s been a long and difficult journey, however now we are at the stage where we’re fuelled by the fact that we’ve helped both creators and business owners improve their lives drastically through our advice, campaigns and sheer work ethic.

If you’re looking for a crew that works hard, just like you do, you’re in the right place.

The issues we solve

Our team are experienced in solving the following issues for influencers, celebrities, brands and businesses all over the world.

Feelings of inadequacy

Our competition have a clause in their contract where their clients are not encouraged to indicate their companies involvement. We are different. We become your team, our team will work with you closely to ensure that you are actually the CEO/Founder, not a poser.

Constant hesitation

We find the majority of our clients begin with massive dreams, huge goals and aspirations, however don’t commit or action any of their ideas. We solely exist to make these dreams a reality by constantly keeping our clients accountable to ensure they reach this goal as fast as possible.

Audience loyalty

We’re highly experienced in not only generating audiences in terms of mailing lists, followers, subscribers and members but also retaining these customers along their journey from ‘fan’ to ‘superfan’ by consistently engaging with those audiences to ensure your brand stays top of mind.

Low Bank Balances

We don’t only work with creators and businesses with high budgets, we also love to work with creators and businesses who are just starting out so we can help them grow and sell. For example, if you’re a creator who;s starting out and your dream is to launch an app or supplement… We’ll find ways for you to monetise your audience

Negative Press

These can not only be damaging to your public image and reputation, but as I’m sure you’d imagine, your personal health as well. We hate seeing companies and creators experience this hatred from the public when it’s easily avoidable. If we told you here we’d lose our competitive advantage so enquire below to begin working with us.

Follower Drop Off

The number one metric of most businesses should always be the amount of cash you’re able to gain and retain, however, we’d argue that your following and the percentage of which who are extremely engaged consistently is equally as important. Therefore losing these ‘superfans’ is a dangerous and slippery slope. We know how to prevent this.

Stop wasting your time.

Apply to work with Bhimian in 2 minutes

The podcast that actually gets the questions you want answered… answered.

The Flight Path Podcast
Our goal is to help you achieve greater productivity, efficiency, and work ethic, as well as attain a sense of enlightenment in your professional endeavours. In each episode, we will dive deep into topics such as time management, goal setting, and work-life balance, and provide practical tips and strategies for achieving success in your career. We will also bring on special guests from a variety of industries to share their own experiences and insights on these topics.

If you like to learn, and learn from the best, The Flight Path Podcast is a brilliant podcast to invest your time in. Our episodes are clipped to include as much value as possible with as little small talk as possible.
On top of this, we publish articles diving deep into our episodes including peer analysis of these episodes to find even more experts to evaluate statements made our podcasts by our guests such as Jim Penman, Chris Lucas and Rowan Kunz.


Podcasts published

The Chapters of a CEO’s Story. Rowan Kunz, CEO of Art of Smart on The Flight Path Podcast
Unlocking the Secrets to a Thriving Fashion Brand. Samuel Morison, Founder of Collective Original on The Flight Path Podcast
From the Country to the Big City. Steve McMenamin on The Flight Path Podcast

We pride ourselves on our expertise in elevating influencers, local businesses, and musicians from mere content creators and workers to esteemed brand owners. Our comprehensive suite offers an all-in-one solution, taking care of everything from design to customer care, allowing creators to keep their focus on content creation. With access to our robust financial and operational resources, influencers face minimal initial investment, while also benefiting from our extensive experience that significantly reduces brand development risks. The pace of today’s market is swift, and we match it, ensuring rapid product launches. Our wide-ranging industry connections position creators advantageously in the market landscape. As brands flourish, our infrastructure is primed to manage that growth seamlessly. The intricate world of legalities, be it trademarks or regulatory compliance, is navigated with ease under our guidance.

“How do YOU help ME monetise my audience?”

Bhimian helps in three main ways:

  1. We can set up a platform where you can sell your content, either as one-time purchases or subscriptions.
  2. We help you launch your own products, assisting with design, production, and online sales.
  3. We connect you with big brands for partnerships and give you tools to understand your audience better
“Why would I want to focus on my past customers?”

Well, most companies focus on gaining new customers, which is well and good, however they lose focus on maintaining the happiness and loyalty of their current customers. We believe that your current and past customers should always be the priority.
But we know how to get attention… You need eyeballs on your offer, we got it. You need cash in your wallet, we’ll get them buying. You need a product or an offer itself, we can create you one without charging you a dime.

“Why would I not launch my product/business myself?”
  1. We specialise in transitioning influencers from content creators to brand owners.
  2. We handle everything from design to customer service, letting creators focus on content.
  3. Our experience reduces potential missteps in brand development.
  4. Our systems enable quicker product launches.
  5. Creators benefit from our vast industry networks.
  6. We’re equipped to manage brand growth seamlessly.
  7. We navigate the complex world of trademarks and regulatory compliance.
  8. Our analytics ensure market-responsive product development.
  9. We ensure the creator’s vision remains central while optimising for market success.
“I don’t have an audience at all, but I’m motivated, would Bhimian help me?

Not a problem! We definately can. Providing guidance, advice, advertising and more. We can 100% help (for free) because we understand how difficult (and demotivating) it can be while growing a following (especially when you’re making no progress). If we can help you make progress, that would make our day. If this interests you, just reach out to us on our Instagram!

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