Thomas Iraninejad

Operations Director

Time is the most valuable commodity on Earth. It can be spent, sold and wasted, but it cannot be returned. Use it wisely.

I truly believe that having a strong and committed network of honest and ethical people is the greatest way to live a fulfilled life. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me.

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My Favourite Drinks

A well-smoked Old Fashioned

An ice-cold Mojito

Or a strong Espresso Martini



Making music

Public speaking



Native English speaker

Few words of Farsi

Horrible attempts at Mandarin, Danish & German

My future goals

To create a huge network of people and businesses I’ve helped

I’d like to leave a positive legacy on the world

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If you’re looking to work with someone who can help you reach your full potential, Tom is that person. He is full of energy with high ambitions. He is a freelancer, marketing expert, music director & a fabulous singer. He
is also strategic thinker and one of the wisest businessmen I had the pleasure of working with.


Tom was a fellow student during my study in Macquarie University. Even without directly working with him on a project, I was able to acknowledge Tom's innate charisma that allowed him to attract and communicate with people freely. In turn, he is capable of bringing about the best in someone. Adding to which, his drive to build upon his many enterprises at a young age makes him stand out among peers. With his integration of academics and real world practices, I am confident in Tom as a valuable asset that would instigate mutual growth.


Thomas is a highly skilled, dedicated and passionate individual. By having skills in various areas such as marketing, music and freelancing, and experience running his own businesses, he is extremely valuable to any team. His commitment to ensuring his client's goals and ambitions are achieved is admirable.


Tom is someone who always goes out of his way to please his clients. He is a friendly , outgoing and professional person to work with and delivered outstanding results for my media business.
Would highly recommend him.


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